Taking the train to train, a coach to coach, and the LRN to learn

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Thematic category of idea: Business Models, Legislation Digital services supporting Public Transport
Transport System: Bus Metro Tram Train
What is the aim of the idea?: Increases satisfaction of the users of the public transport
Created: 6 years ago
Created by: Guy De Koninck

Short Description of the idea (max 50 words)

Make public transportation a tool for social learning, create opportunities for citizens to share experiences, knowledge and activities while on board public transportation. Taking the train to train, a coach to coach, or the LRN to learn should be standard behaviour in a world that is constantly changing.

Full Description of the idea

Public transportation is social and shared by nature. This is a major advantage for citizens who need a space to help each other to learn, share and develop. Public Transportation companies can work together with citizens, associations, libraries, business to cocreate, monitor and adapt the offer.


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