Minibus and bus in a Smart city

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Thematic category of idea: Vehicle technologies and design Digital services supporting Public Transport
Transport System: Bus
What is the aim of the idea?: Increases satisfaction of the users of the public transport
Created: 6 years ago
Created by: Coorevits ria

Short Description of the idea (max 50 words)

Short distance with small electric minibus and longer distances with big electric bus

Full Description of the idea

The minibus is for maximum 10 persons, drives on short distance with out driver and very frequently. Short distance is around 3 km. A lot of possible stops to require with an app. Price for a ride is very cheap. The big bus is for 30 persons, is electric, for longer distances, on special road and drives at minimum 100 km/h. Only few stops.

Anspachlaan 18, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

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