Cargo bicycle solar

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Thematic category of idea: Vehicle technologies and design
Transport System:
What is the aim of the idea?: Lowers the cost of public transport
Created: 7 years ago
Created by: Michael Thalhammer

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Who likes to ride a bike in the rain, snowfall or high heat? Hardly anyone! It is thought to expand the bicycles world with accessories so that also an all-weather property can be offered relatively cheaply.

Full Description of the idea

The fact is that our city, cargo and travel bicycles only offer high driving comfort every day if they can protect us from damp or direct sunshine. A plug-on canopy could encourage the car to be left in the garage more often - or to ride on a bike. Cycling has the health-positive aspect our all-too-motion-poor lifestyle best. This fahrRAD will also contribute to further traffic and climate change. Delivery bikes e.g. give work to the deliverer and help our climate. This bicycle wheel would also be a comfortable 2 - 3 customer bicycle TAXI or a family carriage. On the general safety for riders and riders I have put before-developing special value. A high degree of leaning on the back provides an optimally supported sitting position; Active kicking becomes powerful, efficient and at the same time more relaxed. Here you will find a lot of innovations, which would also be good for "normal" wheels. Overall, a very variable multi-purpose bicycle is shown. It can also be used in - Two-lane version (s). Because of the smaller parts and thus easier to manufacture, a very moderate pricing should also be expected. Also this bike nieds rear repairs. About fahrRAD design The framework consists of: More ... please see in:

Alsgasse 1, 1170 Wien, Austria

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