Temperature curtain

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Thematic category of idea: Vehicle technologies and design
Transport System: Bus Tram
What is the aim of the idea?: Lowers the cost of public transport
Created: 7 years ago
Created by: Peter Smit

Short Description of the idea (max 50 words)

Create an air circulation near bus doors that helps to keep indoor and outdoor air separate. This should save on the energy to heat the inside of busses in the winter and on air conditionning in summer. Similar circulation devices are used for shop entrances.

Full Description of the idea

Develop, test and prepare for production a device that prevents warm air from escaping through an open bus door in the winter, and that prevents hot air coming in in the Summer. Like the air-crutains deployed in the entrances of shopping malls and stores. Unlike the installations in shopping doors, these devices need operate only when the bus door is open. See if this saves energy. Battery powered busses have to be economical with their energy. This device may help so that all-electric busses can run the same schedule all year and need not be brought back to a charging point more often under inclement weather.

Anspachlaan 18, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

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