New way of financing of public transport

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Thematic category of idea: Marketing and mobility management
Transport System: Bus Metro Tram Train
What is the aim of the idea?: Lowers the cost of public transport
Created: 7 years ago
Created by: Marc Kuypers

Short Description of the idea (max 50 words)

Why not charge car users for not using public transport?

Full Description of the idea

In order to make public transport attractive and to encourage people not to use their cars whenever possible, more money is needed for more busses, trains and trams so that the frequencies can be increased, and so that fares can be at a reasonable and attractive level. I suggest that those who refuse to use public transport, even when it is a viable alternative, be charged a certain fee in order to finance public transport.

Ernest van Dijckkaai 82, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

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