Free car days once a month

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Thematic category of idea: Marketing and mobility management
Transport System: Bus Metro Tram
What is the aim of the idea?: Increases satisfaction of the users of the public transport
Created: 7 years ago
Created by: Luisa

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Free car days once a month with free public transport within the city, organized by Municipalities in accordance with Public Transport Authorities.

Full Description of the idea

The use of Public Transport is good for the people and for the planet. Municipality should adopt a "free car day" once a month, to boost (and oblige) people to leave their cars at home. The Free car day should correspond to a "free public transport day", so that any transport within the city is free for the users. This will help people get used to the idea of not using private cars and once the habit is installed, the "free car days" may become more than once per month!

Via Quattro Querci, 39, 51030 Serravalle Pistoiese PT, Italy

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