Shared Mobility Agency

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Thematic category of idea: Business Models, Legislation Digital services supporting Public Transport Rearrangement of organisational structure
Transport System: Bus
What is the aim of the idea?: Increases satisfaction of the users of the public transport Lowers the cost of public transport
Created: 4 years ago
Created by: Saverio Gini

Short Description of the idea (max 50 words)

The Shared Mobility Agency is a single coordination centre allowing to plan and manage different flexible services, including the emerging shared mobility ones (i.e. car sharing/car pooling, etc.), integrated with the conventional PT.

Full Description of the idea

The Agency acts as common “access point” for the users to a wide range of services (booking, info, etc.) helping to improve service accessibility and transport information for transport users and citizens. Additionally, the Agency allows the coordination/sharing of fleet among different Transport Operators thus contributing to resources optimization both for scheduling and during the operation. Furthermore the Agency allows the co-ordination and cooperation of different key actors involved in the transport chain (statutory entity/Local Authorities, transport executives, service providers, retailers and R&D associations) providing main functionalities related to integrated tariff schemes and payment, user information flows, clearing of resources and revenues. Actually the Agency can be the operational and technological backbone for the development and provision of MaaS (Mobility-as-a-service) offer.

53100 Siena, Province of Siena, Italy

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